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bail bonds services

If you are locked up and are looking for some guidance on what to do after you've been arrested, contact our bondsman. We have years of experience in every type of case. When your loved one gets put in jail and you don't know what to do, let us help you to figure out the next steps you should take to get them home to you.

Are you just looking for some advice?

We will bail you out of the jail

Know that we are available to guide you through the legal system no matter the charges.

When you choose the professionals with over 12 years of experience at A-1-A Treasure Coast Bailbonds/Fianzas LLC as your bail bondsmen, you will only be charged a 10% fee for state cases and a 15% fee for federal cases. After the fee is agreed, you can set up fast, interest free payment arrangements so you can have the time you need.

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bail bonds services

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